Love Meter Case Study

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Project Description

My Role

Brand Strategist, Art Director, Designer & Animator for video and interactive game design. Art Director for the packaging.


Create an interavctive game that leads players through a series of Q&A’s designed by a Los Angeles based pop psychologist and a renowned sexologist to determine just how compatible you and your partner truly are. Attract a wide range of users with content that is humorous but a bit racy. The graphics and copy should encourage both couples and groups purchase the game to have fun and learn about each other.

Strategy, Branding & Production

Love Meter will spice things up – and just might make your relationship last longer than most presents in your stocking on Christmas or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

Game play pacing and organization is developed first with a detailed flow diagram that inventories all assets. Then wireframes are drawn for key screens and their interactions are storyboarded.


5 out of 5 stars
A friend of mine gave me this game as a gift. It is kind of like a cosmo quiz on steriods, but your boyfriend gets to participate. All we had to do was put it in the DVD player and answer fun questions. Then, it gave us reading of how compatible we are, but in a funny way. Really cool and fun!

4 out of 5 stars
Fun, sexy, and insightful. I liked this game a lot. My boyfriend and I played and not only was it funny, but it also asked us to share with each other in a way we might not have otherwise. It’s sorta sexy too and ended up being a prelude to intimacy. I do recommend it!

American Graphic Design Award for Game Design
Telly Award for Game Animation